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The next few weeks provide an exceptional opportunity to communicate to our viewers to share your organization’s mission and service to your community.

We want to help you share your message with our loyal viewers.

Right now, we’re offering great advertising rates to help you effectively promote your organization to our engaged and loyal audience.

We know that what you do is important and has value for our viewers.  We want to work with you as we anticipate people going back to work, children once again playing in the parks, and friends and family meeting at churches and restaurants.

Bridge City News remains on the air providing a positive voice in Canadian Media.

Michael Klassen

Account Manager

Michael began working in broadcasting in the early 1990s.  His work has varied from corporate and commercial spheres, to news, sports, films and more.

Outside of the media industry Michael has worked in Project Management and Sales.  Michael has the passion and experience to bring your advertising campaign from design to completion.