Samaritans Purse providing relief in Ukraine following flooded dam

Since the war broke out in Ukraine over a year ago, Samaritans Purse Canada has been on the ground providing relief to those affected. But with recent events including a collapsed dam which caused massive flooding, the organization has been doubling down on those relief efforts. An official with Samaritans Purse says 40 thousand pounds worth of relief supplies have been airlifted to the affected area.  

“We are working with these partners who are actually doing water rescues for some of the families who have been stranded. We’re doing distributions and we actually just mobilize our DCA aircraft as well. That is going to be taking additional items to Ukraine to distribute. These include water filters, hygiene kits, blankets, other critical items that are going to be distributed to families who are in need in this area.”

Hartung says they will be on the ground in Ukraine for as long as it takes to help those in need. 

Angela Stewart

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