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Protecting your pooches in the cold

Our furry friends are in need this time of year during extreme cold temperatures. It is also National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week here in our city. With this cold snap, Community Animal Services in Lethbridge is currently operating dangerously close to capacity with dogs and cats at the moment. Skylar Plourde, the director of the […]Read More

Foxtail weeds can be fatal for dogs

Foxtail weeds have continued to be a problem here in Lethbridge. A local dog owner voiced her concerns about the foxtails in one of our city’s parks on Friday morning. As Video Journalist Micah Quinn explains, foxtails can be especially dangerous to dogs when they’re ingested.Read More

SPCA urge people to not leave dogs in hot vehicles

The Alberta SPCA is reminding pet owners to never leave a dog in the car when you are not around. With the summer heat, this can greatly impact the dog causing the animal to become distressed very quickly. An official with the SPCA says there are certain signs to lookout for if you see a […]Read More

Tips when approaching dogs, look for signals

It’s that time again where we see many owners out walking their dogs and often, we have the urge to walk up and pet the dog, but a dog trainer out of Taber says there are ways we should be properly approaching the animal. There are subtle signs you will notice that will indicate the […]Read More

Shelter provides tips for dogs in cold weather

Biting cold temperatures in our city have caused pet owners to reconsider if they will be taking their dogs out for a walk. The Lethbridge Animal Care and Control shelter has some tips for pet lovers who are considering braving the cold when they head out with their furry friends. The shelter says to continue […]Read More

Service dogs welcomed to LPS

Two new police service dogs are ready to make their mark with the Lethbridge Police Service. The canines were honoured today as they start their work with the LPS. Micah Quinn has the details.Read More

Foxtail weeds raise concerns from locals

A petition has been started to remove foxtail weeds in the City of Lethbridge. The little weeds can cause quite the trouble for canine owners. As Micah Quinn explains, one dog owner says she wanted the city to get rid of the troublesome weeds after her own dog was injured by them.Read More

What to do if you see a dog in a

As Lethbridge hit record temperatures on Monday afternoon, people are reminded to not leave their pets unattended in hot cars. We spoke with the local authorities to hear what they have to say on the matter. Sadly, animals being left in boiling hot cars still happens every summer, and can easily become fatal for your […]Read More

Weekend events to look forward to in Lethbridge

It’s not all gloom-and-doom with restrictions, shutdowns and lockdowns here in Lethbridge.  Two popular events have merged together at Exhibition Park for your weekend enjoyment. Expos are a great way to explore new wares, while supporting local businesses.  And this weekend two events are sure to appeal to you.  The Mother’s Day gift expo has […]Read More