Tips when approaching dogs, look for signals

It’s that time again where we see many owners out walking their dogs and often, we have the urge to walk up and pet the dog, but a dog trainer out of Taber says there are ways we should be properly approaching the animal. There are subtle signs you will notice that will indicate the dog is uncomfortable.

“That would be lip or nose licking, ears might be flat or pinned, yawning is a sign of stress, a tucked tail would be stress. If they turn away as you are approaching that’s a sign that they are not comfortable with the approach. So if they are giving any of those stress signals, that’s a good sign for you to just stay back and not approach and it’s always best to talk to the owner and ask if you can touch their dog. There might be a very specific way that the dog needs to be approached in or likes to be touched,” said Joni Thompson, Owner of Happy Puppy Training.

Signs to look for to know the dog is happy is a relaxed open mouth and body.

Angela Stewart

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