SPCA urge people to not leave dogs in hot vehicles

The Alberta SPCA is reminding pet owners to never leave a dog in the car when you are not around. With the summer heat, this can greatly impact the dog causing the animal to become distressed very quickly. An official with the SPCA says there are certain signs to lookout for if you see a dog in distress in a hot car.

“Their panting is their form of getting expelling that hot air. You add to that, the wearing of fur coat, so it just aggravates the situation by putting them into a metal box which is going to heat up very very quickly. So again, if you see a dog sitting on the passenger seat and it is hot but the dog appears to be fine, is breathing normally. It’s that excessive panting and that distress, you will be able to tell straight away just from the action of the dog,” said Stuart Dodds, Provincial Supervisor, of Animal Protection Services for the Alberta SPCA.

Dodds says if there is a dog in a vehicle and you are worried for its well being, do not break the car window, but instead call the police or 911.

Angela Stewart

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