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Lethbridge County seeking public feedback on animals in hamlets

Lethbridge County is looking for some public feedback on our larger furry friends. According to officials with the county, they are asking the public who live in hamlets in the area if they should be allowed to have certain livestock or fowl within hamlet boundaries. Lethbridge County Reeve, Tory Campbell, says he’s hoping for good […]Read More

SPCA urge people to not leave dogs in hot vehicles

The Alberta SPCA is reminding pet owners to never leave a dog in the car when you are not around. With the summer heat, this can greatly impact the dog causing the animal to become distressed very quickly. An official with the SPCA says there are certain signs to lookout for if you see a […]Read More

CP Rail strike could of had major impacts to farmers

The CP Rail strike that took place earlier this week, although short, could’ve had major impacts affecting many areas including the supply chain. Tory Campbell Reeve for Lethbridge County says with there being so much uncertainty right now, adding any more disruption to the supply chain could’ve been devastating. “I think just given the fact […]Read More

Wildlife Festival coming to Lethbridge

Animals from around the globe will be making their way to Lethbridge this weekend at the Main Pavilion of the Exhibition Park grounds. The Wildlife Festival is taking place this weekend in Lethbridge. Staff from the YYC Nature and Education Centre in Calgary will be bringing a wide range of animals to our city. “One […]Read More

What to do if you see a dog in a

As Lethbridge hit record temperatures on Monday afternoon, people are reminded to not leave their pets unattended in hot cars. We spoke with the local authorities to hear what they have to say on the matter. Sadly, animals being left in boiling hot cars still happens every summer, and can easily become fatal for your […]Read More