Social development funding allocations approved by council

Lethbridge City Council voted in favour of a number of funding allocations on Tuesday to help support the Community Social Development team. Some of the money includes up to $200,000 of federal Reaching Home Funding to be used to hire a consultant to complete a needs assessment. Members of council also talked about another $90,000 that can be used to help support the Wellness Shelter and Stabilization Unit project.  

“The cost for this work is $90,000 annually with the ability to renew up to three times should the service provider meet contractual expectations and the federal reaching home funding continue to be available. So we’re looking at $90,000 annually for a position to work within the shelter and get people connected to housing services.”

“So this is for an individualized position that we’re going to pay somebody with benefits, presumably on a full time position or a contract position, $90,000 a year to do this,” said Middleton-Hope.

“It includes a position as well as other programming costs and contracted services.”

Motz adds that they will continue to advocate to get the services that we need in Lethbridge. 

Angela Stewart

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