Government funding supporting charities

Thanks to an initiative from the federal government, $400-million will be invested into local community foundations, Red Crosses and United Way’s across the country. Charleen Davidson, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Lethbridge explains what the support from the Community Services Recovery Fund will be going towards.  

“These funds are to help the charitable sector recover as we come out of the COVID Pandemic and move forward. It is money to help the organization strengthen their internal programs and systems and invest in their people. Between the local Community Foundation and the local United Way, we’re receiving just under a million dollars in our community, which is fantastic. We’ve come through a really difficult year in the charitable sector. Donations were down for a lot of groups. Some of the charities have had to close their doors. And this money is intended to help those charities strengthen, support and build so that they’re stronger as we move forward as a community,” said Charleen Davidson, Executive Director, Community Foundation Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta.

Jaci Zalesak with the United Way says they are thrilled to be able to help charities move forward in expanding their programs and services thanks to this new funding.  

“We are here to help these organizations in conjunction with the Community Foundation as well as the Red Cross and moving forward in supporting these organizations, redesign their programs and invest in their people. And we’re so thankful that the government of Canada has been able to allow us to support these organizations in moving forward in 2023,” said Jaci Zalesak, Executive Director, United Way Lethbridge & Southwestern Alberta.

The Community Foundation will have over $500,000 while the United Way will receive over $400,000 to help support local charities. 



Angela Stewart

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