First Virtual COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Clinic for Kids

Paediatricians across southern Alberta are working together to bring the very first Vaccine Confidence Clinic to the province.  Family physicians are encouraged to refer parents and their children.  With those 12 and up being eligible for the shot, many parents have questions. A southern Alberta Paediatric Infectious Disease Specialist says the most common concern for parents is safety. 

“People are concerned about long term affects, was this shown to working children, was it shown to protect kids, is it safe for them to have it,” says Paediatric Infectious Disease Specialist and Healthcare Worker Lead for 19 to Zero, Dr. Cora Constantinescu “people are asking “why do kids need to have this vaccine, what does protection with this vaccine mean?”

The clinic will be hosted virtually through Virtual Kids, in partnership with organization 19 to Zero, and the vaccine hesitancy clinic at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. 

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