Farming Smarter Open Farm days event this weekend

Farming Smarter is hosting its annual Open Farm Days event this weekend. It is an opportunity for people to learn all about where our food comes from. An official with Farming Smarter says they hope guests will learn lots about the industry when they attend the event.

“To have an idea of the science and the knowledge and the education that these people have that are able to be in this industry is extensive. We want people to recognize that it’s not the picturesque farmer with his pitchfork and the wheat straw hanging out and the coveralls like that’s not the picture of today’s farmer right? They are very very smart business people and they run big operations typically, so their family farms for the most part. They are just larger than they ever have been in the past and there is lots of technology,” said Jamie Puchinger, Assistant Manager for Farming Smarter.

The event is free and runs Saturday from 11 a.m., until 3 p.m., at the Farming Smarter farm.


Angela Stewart

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