City asking residents to look for signs of Dutch Elm Disease

The city is asking us to have a look at trees in our yard. This is the time of year when Dutch Elm Disease rears its ugly head. It is a nasty fungal disease that specifically attacks elm trees. Experts say it can be very harmful and can cause the tree to completely collapse.

“If you’ve got one of these in your backyard and it all of a sudden it gets something like Dutch Elm Disease, you could lose your tree and that’s why we are asking people watch for signs, symptoms. There is multiple invasive species that we watch for in Southern Alberta that could potentially come in. Fire wood is a huge issue and it’s camping season. Never bring fire wood back to Lethbridge with you,” said Lindsay Bell, Urban Forestry Technician with the City of Lethbridge.

Signs of Dutch Elm Disease include yellow, droopy leaves, leaves that fall off too soon and branches on the stem of the tree that turn brown.


Angela Stewart

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