Environment Canada tips to beat the heat, Lethbridge under a heat warning

The Southern Alberta region is under another heat warning where daytime temperatures could reach up to 35 degrees. Environment Canada says Monday should be the last of it for a couple of days as we are getting some cooler conditions, but the heat is expected to return on Thursday. Meteorologist with Environment Canada Terri Lang offers some tips to beat the heat.

“Certainly, trying to stay hydrated as much as possible. Seeking shade, seeking cool places if you can like malls, movie theatres if you don’t have air conditioning that type of thing. We recommend people trying if you have to do outdoor activities to try and do them in the cooler part of the day like the mornings or the evening times when the heat isn’t so intense, but those are the most important things to do,” said Terri Lang, Meteorologist with Environment Canada.

Lang also advises everyone to keep an eye on any symptoms of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Angela Stewart

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