Lethbridge Junior Bulls baseball team defeated in weekend game

The Lethbridge Junior Bulls little league baseball team fell short on Sunday in their championship game against British Columbia. Head coach Zachary Goruk says the team couldn’t execute properly and because of that, they weren’t able to pull out a win. He says, however, he’s hoping the kids walk away from the game as a positive experience.

“The message we wanted to deliver to the kids at the end of it was if you can focus on the pain that we feel, embrace the pain, you can harness it and use it as motivation to make sure that you never feel pain like that again. Although it’s tough to see now especially this short after the loss, I mean one day after, I think if you look at it the loss can almost benefit the kids a little bit more than winning would’ve. In the long run, I think maybe this would be something good for the kids to experience and if they can look at it with a positive perspective and take certain things away from it, I think it will ultimately benefit them, not just as athletes but as human beings,” said Zachary Goruk, Head Coach for the Lethbridge Junior Bulls.

The final score in this weekend’s game was 6-2.

Angela Stewart

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