City opens new off-leash dog park on northside

The city’s newest off-leash dog park has officially opened on the North Side. Dog owners and their furry friends can enjoy the Park ‘n’ Bark which is located on the corner of Stafford Drive and Scenic Drive North. Mayor Blaine Hyggen says having a variety of dog parks in the city is important as they are used quite often.  

“It’s something that we heard so much as counselors, and especially during the campaign is, can we get more dog parks, can we get more dog parks. It’s amazing how well they’re used you’ll notice. I know we attend one that’s on the Southside quite often, and even finding parking sometimes is a struggle because they’re so well used and that’s so exciting to have this many dog parks within our community for sure,” said Blaine Hyggen, Mayor of Lethbridge.

General Manager of Parks and Cemeteries for the City of Lethbridge Blair Richter says the name of the area, Park ‘n’ Bark was selected by the community.  

“One thing was that it’s fun. People recognize right away that it probably represents a dog park and just something easy that rolls off the tongue. That was our idea, to kind of have some fun with the naming and go out to the community and see what options they had for dog park names,” said Blair Richter, General Manager of Parks and Cemeteries for the City of Lethbridge.

The area is over 22 thousand square meters in size and includes a dedicated space for small breeds of dogs. 

Angela Stewart

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