City thanks participates of 150 Forest Project through new monument

The city is saying thank you to community members who participated in the Canada 150 Forest Project at Watermark Park through a new monument. From 2017 to 2021, locals purchased trees with all the proceeds from the sale of each tree going towards the city’s Recreation and Culture Fee Assistance Program.  

“The program was developed to provide access to individuals in the community that might not be able to normally access recreation, cultural and sport activities in the community. I guess you could use the analogy of trees and roots and the growth. We’re hoping that the Fee Assistance Program has some roots now and that it continues to grow and we’ll be able to provide that access and those opportunities for people long into the future, the same as these trees growing and expanding. Hopefully we can continue to provide that,” said Robin Harper, General Manager of Recreation and Culture for the City of Lethbridge.

Beyond the fee assistance program, the other benefit was the planting of the trees which are now around the monument.  

“I’m not sure that we would typically have this many trees available for a space this size. So through this program, we were able to beautify the space and create opportunity for greater biodiversity, different variety of trees that always creates a healthier urban forest environment and for generations to enjoy because they only continue to grow as they get older and the community matures,” said Spencer Croil, Land Development Manager for the City of Lethbridge.

 The monument is located just behind Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School in Lethbridge.   

Angela Stewart

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