City addresses concerns over play space in Galt Gardens

The city says they have been hearing some concerns surrounding the new play space currently being built at Galt Gardens in Lethbridge. Some of the main concerns include safety, cost for the build, and issues surrounding behaviors happening in the park. An official with the city talks about some of the ways they plan to mitigate those concerns once the play space is completed.   

“We’re definitely aware of a lot of the issues that we’re seeing in there. There was some encampment enforcement that was done a few weeks ago. We’ve actually increased our cleaning capacity within the park between our Clean Sweep program and our parks crews. And we’re also having parks do some additional work within the park to create better sight lines and the those types of things to really help with the feeling of safety and to encourage people to come in and utilize the park.”

Construction on the new play space will take place over the summer and the city anticipates it’ll be ready for use in the fall. 

Angela Stewart

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