Residents protest Lethbridge School Division policy

Around 50 people gathered outside of the Lethbridge School Division Education Centre on Tuesday to protest SOGI, otherwise known as Sexual Identity and Gender Orientation curriculum. A public forum was held last night with residents gathering outside voicing their concerns for the curriculum.  

“We’ve seen that this is Pride Month, but really it should have been called Transgender Month because this is something very radical and new being pushed into our society, the whole society, but especially into our school system, where the subject of do you feel comfortable in the gender or that you were born? The school system is entrapping kids into a process that may set them against their parents. ”

Meanwhile a member with the Lethbridge School Division board of trustees says they have been hearing the concerns from parents and residents and says the SOGI policy was developed in 2016 and then later revised in 2018. Allison Purcell talks about some of the concerns they have been hearing.  

“Some of the concerns are that we need to ensure that we have a policy in place so that we are protecting our LGBTQ community, as well as concerns that what is being taught in our classrooms that might bein that in that area of concern, as well as what does safety look like in our schools. Of course, as a school division, we support all of our students, and it’s really important that all of our students feel protected within our school buildings.”

Purcell says they continue to have conversations with all stakeholders and encourage anyone who has concerns about the divisions policies to come forward.   

Angela Stewart

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