AMA safe winter driving tips

The cold and icy temperatures can make for some slick conditions on the roads. Folks at the AMA are offering some tips to make sure you get to your destination safely. Some of those include having good visibility and practicing safe braking techniques. Ryan Lemont says it’s good to have these reminders especially during major snowfall events. 

“So being focused on all those skills, those tasks, they are good principles that we tend to park them in spring when the roads start getting nicer, the sun is coming out, we’ve got traction and not having to worry about that. So all these winter skills that we spend these winter months developing, they kind of get parked away in spring. And so the first snowfall really prompts us to kind of dig back and pull those principles and skills out. But they’re really important to keep in mind and really just under any driving condition,” said Ryan Lemont, Manager of Driver Education with AMA.

Lemont also says it is important to always drive with your lights on during the snowy and darker months and to always have good winter tires on your vehicle.  

Angela Stewart

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