AHS offering chronic disease program management courses

Alberta Health Services’ Better Choices, Better Health workshops gets underway next week. It is a program to help people who suffer from chronic diseases and how to manage them. The program is about two and half hours in length. Jennifer Steier, Manager for Chronic Diseases for the South Zone, says programs like this can be very beneficial. It is important that they are readily available.  

“It does help bring all of those people together who sort of walk the same path. So the idea is that we can connect people together who all maybe they don’t all live with the same chronic disease. We might have people in those classes. Some have diabetes, some some have fibromyalgia, some have chronic pain or any number of different things. But at the same time, they’re all sort of walking this path where they live the rest of their lives dealing with something, a health issue. And so this allows for some discussion on how to be able to best manage your health given that you have these health condition,” said Jennifer Steier, Manager for Chronic Diseases, South Zone for Alberta Health Services.

The courses are offered either virtually over Zoom or in person.   

Angela Stewart

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