City declares Phase 1 snow routes

Phase 1 of our city’s snow routes has officially been declared after the massive dump of snow we received. This means temporary parking will be in effect on all routes for this phase so the snow plows can clear those areas beginning on Thursday. The city’s Transportation Manager, Darwin Juell, says they plan to have snow plows out for the next few days to make sure the roads are clear.  

“The snowfall was significant. It’s planned to be significant for the next 24-48 hours and then it will taper off. We’re also understanding it’s going to be snowing on Sunday with heavy snowfall on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. So we’re anticipating more problems within our conditions of road. And we’re ready for it with our equipment. So we’ll just have extra people out there,” said Darwin, Juell, Transportation Manager for the City of Lethbridge

Juell says when there is a significant snowfall like this, crews are out working 24 hours a day.  

Angela Stewart

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