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Fence added after encampment clean-up

A massive cleanup at a Lethbridge tent encampment was completed on Wednesday. A fence was also installed at the tent site by the Civic Centre Track here in our city. The encampment was also the site of a shooting earlier this year in July when two men got into a heated altercation. It resulted in […]Read More

Tent encampment cleanups to continue

Tent encampments have continued to be a growing concern here in Lethbridge. As of Friday, the Clean Sweep Program has responded to 150 calls related to encampments throughout our city. The city says 95 per cent of the smaller encampment calls have been resolved. From August 5th to the 11th, 1048 needles and 40 pipes […]Read More

Sober shelter being looked at to address homelessness

The issue of the homeless in our city setting up tent encampments has continued to be a hot button topic. On Tuesday, Lethbridge City Council voted in favour of city administration to gather information to see if building a temporary sober shelter at the Civic Curling Centre would be a viable option. Video Journalist Micah […]Read More

Tent encampment residents given notice to vacate

The City is continuing its efforts to handle the tent encampment situation.  Wednesday morning, residents of the site were handed notices to vacate the area under the Petty Trespass Act.  Both residents in and out of the site are not happy with the action being taken against tent encampment residents. Police and bylaw officers can […]Read More

Encampment residents, activist say clean-up crew’s scope of work was

Residents and protesters at a Lethbridge tent encampment site prepared themselves to confront city clean-up crews who arrived at the site Thursday morning.  They believed the workers were coming to tear down the tent encampment site as part of a $230,000 allocation City Council recently approved on Tuesday, to be used for encampment clean-up.  The […]Read More

Tent encampment cleanup efforts to receive funding

The issue of tent encampments in our city has continued to be a hot topic of discussion. Lethbridge City Council voted 7-1 in favour of approving funding for $230,000 to assist in administrative and policing shortfalls to hurry forward with compassionate cleanups of tent sites here in our city. The money will come from the […]Read More

Civic Centre Park tent site removal postponed

The tent encampment set up by Civic Centre Park was set to be torn down but has since been postponed by the City of Lethbridge. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, the decision to delay the tear down follows a shooting on Sunday night at the encampment. The Lethbridge Police Service have charged a 37-year-old Lethbridge […]Read More

Targeted shooting at Lethbridge tent encampment

Lethbridge Police have charged a 37-year old male in connection with an incident where a man was shot Sunday night.  It was shortly after 8 PM when police responded to a report of a shooting at a tent encampment site, which is located along the 500 block on Stafford Drive South.  Upon arrival, a 33-year-old […]Read More