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ISIS threat growing since Biden Administration voted in says a

A retired U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel says there could be a resurgence of terrorist regimes like ISIS now that Joe Biden is president. According to our foreign affairs expert, Lisa Daftari, Tony Shaffer says there could be more conflicts in the Middle East with Donald Trump out and Joe Biden in at the White […]Read More

The military launches a coup in Myanmar

Our foreign affairs expert, Lisa Daftari, has more details about the coup in Myanmar and how the military has a serious problem with a certain female political leader. She also has information as to why thousands of people, including 80 journalists, were recently arrested in Russia.Read More

Big Brother will be watching

US political reporter, Lisa Daftari, says with what transpired at the Capitol US President Joe Biden is now looking at legislation of increased surveillance. That means big brother will be watching your every move. She says that does not sit well with many Americans.Read More