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Pastor says Christians redeemed Halloween

Candy, pumpkin carving, costumes and decorating are all part of a fun Halloween.  But many faith groups demonize the holiday – even calling it a satanic event.  Pastor Joel Klemick is a site pastor at Miz City Church Lethbridge.  He says the name ‘Halloween’, is actually a Christian name.Read More

Friday will be an early blessing for Alberta pastors

While many restrictions are being eased next week, the church is getting an early blessing.  As of Friday, places of worship will be allowed to house congregations of up to 15 percent of their fire code capacity.  Local pastors say that the re-opening is a sign that God is up to something.Read More

National Day of Prayer

Thursday marked the National Day of Prayer. It is an annual observance that invites people of all faiths to pray for their countries.  Pastor Joel Klemick who is the site pastor at Miz City Church here in Lethbridge says that it is important to remember not to always put the emphasis on yourself when praying.Read More

Pastor weighs in on COVID-19’s impact on mental health

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a mental health toll on many of us.  Psychologists, counsellors and even pastors are dealing with an influx of people who need help navigating their way through this dark time.  Pastor Joel Klemick with Miz City Church in Lethbridge offers some tips on how to […]Read More