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Supporters rally behind Coutts blockade accused in court

The three men who are facing charges of mischief for their alleged involvement in the Coutts blockade earlier this year were back in Lethbridge court Friday. Dozens of protesters were also outside the courthouse showing their support of the three accused. Angela Stewart has more from what happened in court.Read More

Coutts border blockade affects village and country

For more than two weeks access to the Coutts border crossing had been blocked as protesters wanted to send a simple message to politicians, drop the COVID-19 mandates. As Angela Stewart explains, the blockade not only affected those who live in the Village of Coutts but also had a big impact on our country economically.Read More

Mayor Jim Willett of Coutts visits protestors at border

Protestors at the Coutts border have continued to stand firm with their protesting of the government mandates. A second blockade between Milk River and the Coutts border has allowed for one lane of the highway to open, letting traffic in and out. Coutts Mayor Jim Willett, says he went down to the blockade this past […]Read More

Lethbridge community leaders call for end to blockade

Alberta RCMP say the truckers near the village of Coutts decided to open a lane for both north and southbound traffic on Highway 4 near Highway 501 by the Coutts border crossing. Officials say this will allow emergency services to provide full services, border access and the flow of goods to resume. Law enforcement remain […]Read More