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Lyndsay Montina elected as new mayor of Coalhurst

Another female candidate was elected mayor in Alberta and this time in the Town of Coalhurst. Lyndsay Montina won the mayoral seat on Monday night. She beat out former city councillor Ron Lagemaat in a close race. Montina claimed 398 votes, whereas Lagemaat only earned 259. Montina says she was ecstatic when she heard the […]Read More

Lyndsay Montina vying for Coalhurst mayoral seat

And just outside of Lethbridge, Lyndsay Montina is vying for the title of Mayor of Coalhurst in the 2021 municipal election. She’s joining Ron Lagemaat as the only two participants running for the town. Montina is the Director of Alumni Relations at the University of Lethbridge. She’s also the President of the Parks and Recreation […]Read More

Big plans to expand Coalhurst from potential new mayor

The Town of Coalhurst may see some major changes following this October’s municipal election. Ron Lagemaat has been a councillor for the town for over 10 years, and now he has decided to make the switch and will run for mayor. As Micah Quinn explains, Lagemaat says big decisions have to be made for the […]Read More