Town of Coalhurst to host annual weekend Miner’s Days event

The town of Coalhurst’s Miner’s Days is coming up this weekend. A number of events will be taking place beginning Friday. An official with the Coalhurst recreation and culture committee says Miners’ Days is a great opportunity for kids as it’s the town’s last event before children head back to school.

“Miner’s Days is a really great opportunity for us to bring the community together and just really kick off the fall with some excitement. With the kids going back to school I know it can be a stressful time for everyone and like wrapping up the summers can kind of be sad. We kind of make this party, this Miner’s Days, Party in the Park, Movie in the Park parade everything, we try to just leave the summer with a big bang so that we can bring our community together and just show that we are all in this together and let’s have some fun,” said Stephenie Karsten, Chair of the Coalhurst Recreation and Culture Committee.

All of the events for Miner’s Days are free. More details can be found here.

Angela Stewart

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