Streets Alive Mission looking for donations as warm weather approaches

Streets Alive Mission is in need of donations especially with the warmer weather upon us. The mission says there are about 200 people currently living on the street who need basic items like shoes and clothing and Ken Kissick with the mission says donations are so desperately needed right now.

“Our needs change in terms of seasonal wear, but they don’t change in terms of basic things like pants. We need water, bottled water with the heat coming and everything else, but our outreach team is out. We are making sure they are hydrated and those kinds of things. We have shirts and jackets, those kinds of things we are good in but that area of men pant or sweatpants, those kinds of things we can use. Sunscreen, we are going to need that for sure, like I said the water, we are going to need those others things that you would normally require people to have in terms of hygiene wipes and those kinds of things,” said Ken Kissick, Co-Founder of Streets Alive Mission.

Any donations can be made directly at Streets Alive Mission.

Angela Stewart

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