Prayer in the Park set to take place in Galt Gardens Thursday evening

The Amazing Grace Community Church in Lethbridge is hosting a Prayer in the Park on Thursday evening in the city. Organizers say the event is open to everyone. With the Municipal Election coming up in October, organizers have invited all mayoral and councillor candidates to attend the prayer service as a way to pray for one another and to build connections ahead of the October 18th municipal election.


Amazing Grace Community Church Pastor, Rohan Crown, says it’s a good place for Christians to come and learn about the candidates ahead of the upcoming election. 


“Let’s not have a forum, let’s just gather together and let’s pray for them,” added Crown. 


Christian Apologist, Colette Aikema, says the event will start off with each candidate giving a two minute speech and a group prayer before breaking off into smaller groups to meet one another. 


“We thought as a church we need to come together and support these new candidates because they need to be able to be unified in a way that the city hasn’t simply been for much too long,” says Aikema.


Prayer in the Park starts at 7 p.m. on Thursday evening at Rotary Plaza in Galt Gardens. 

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