Neuron Mobility ends season in Lethbridge for 2022

Neuron Mobility has officially ended their season this year in Lethbridge. Since launching back in April riders have travelled over four hundred thousand kilometers and about 52 per cent of excursions have replaced a car trip. Isaac Ransom with Neuron says the scooters have also cut back on CO2 emissions within the city.  

“36 tons of CO2 emissions has been avoided. Generally, what we see is about half of all of the rides replace a car trip. So, you know, using your vehicle, as you said, or maybe taking a taxi, which is having a significant impact on lessening our carbon footprint in our communities here in Lethbridge. So that’s great news. What we also know from our riders is that typically when they are riding the E-Scooters, they’re using them to patronize local businesses like restaurants and coffeeshops and other amenities in the city. So it really is a convenient, fun way to get around the city,” said Isaac Ransom, Head of Government Relations for Neuron Mobility Canada.

There isn’t a set date for when Neuron will be back, but they anticipate sometime next spring. 

Angela Stewart

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