Motorcycle safety riding tips

The Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society is reminding people to drive accordingly following Motorcycle Safety Awareness last month. Liane Langlois the group’s president says we need to be mindful of bikers on the road especially with the warmer weather. She says to always give yourself lots of time and follow the rules of the road. 

“Tailgating is not legal in Alberta nor is speeding. So we want to make sure that we are all being good stewards of for traffic safety. What we suggest for everybody, whether they’re anew rider or even a seasoned rider is there’s a lot of motorcycle training out there. So for new riders it’s going to give you those basic skills to get out on the road. That’s going to teach you how to approach intersections. What happens if there’s gravel, emergency maneuvers and things like that. And those are life saving skills at the end of the day.”

Langois says so far this year, there have been nine motorcycle fatalities in the province.  

Angela Stewart

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