Motorcycle safety reminders for riders

The Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society says many bikers will be out on the roads now, especially with the warmer temperatures. Drivers and bikers are being reminded to share the roads and abide by all the laws. An official with the Motorcycle Safety Society says for riders, it’s best to always keep far enough back from other vehicles when out on the roads to give yourself enough time to react.  

“Should the vehicle in front of you break abruptly, you have the ability to do your emergency swerve around them or emergency stop. There’s also times where things fall off of other vehicles, like I said, securing loads. You want to be able to have emergency maneuver availability when you’re coming up to stoplights or stop signs. You want to make sure you’re looking in your mirrors behind you and not stop so closely to the vehicle in front of you that you can’t get out of the way. If, by chance, that vehicle behind you isn’t seeing you.”

Riders are also being reminded to always wear protective gear like helmets and leather jackets when riding.   

Angela Stewart

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