Waterton Lakes National Park reminding visitors of wildlife during camping

Camping season is officially underway in Waterton Lakes National Park. The townsite campground offers 246 spots for people to reserve. Officials with the park also say that there is a lot of wildlife in the area so be aware of that when booking a spot.   

“Make sure that you store any food and food related items, including cosmetics, in a hard sighting unit, such as your vehicle, trailer, motor home rather than left out on your picnic table or at a picnic shelter. Should you see a bear from your vehicle, please be sure that you’re staying at least 100 meters away. And the best if you’re out on one of our many enjoyable trails. The best way to avoid seeing a bear is to make lots of noise and, if possible, travel in a group.”

Campsites can be booked directly through the Parks Canada website. 


Angela Stewart

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