Lethbridge woman speaks out against city’s handling of encampment issue

One Lethbridge woman says she is outraged at the city’s handling of the tent encampment situation. Sarah Villebrun who attended Tuesday’s council meeting says it’s frustrating to see the city just shuffle the problem as there is another cleanup effort going to be taking place Thursday. She says the best solution would be to find an appropriate housing option for the homeless.

“We know the solution so the question is why are we not doing it when we are throwing money at security, we are asking for more funds to go to LPS. Yes, LPS needs more funds but do we need more funds for an encampment cleanup? Specifically no, we need to allocate that money where it needs to go, and that is on housing. They know the solution and that’s, that’s where the anger is. We can’t just keep shuffling somebody under a bridge from the shelter to the civic oval, we are shuffling the problem when we know what the solution is,” said Sarah Villebrun.

Villebrun adds some of her family is currently living in the encampments which makes this situation more heartbreaking for her.

Angela Stewart

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