Lethbridge Fire describe cause of recent house fire in Riverstone

Lethbridge fire crews responded to a house fire in the west Lethbridge neighborhood of Riverstone. Crews from three fire stations arrived to find a home with flames shooting out of the first, second floors along with the attic. Fortunately crews were able to quickly extinguish the blazes. Lead fire investigator Adam Saturley says the cause of the fire started because smoking materials were not disposed of properly.

“It was a cigarette that was put out in a combustible container, a plastic container. From the time that the residents remembers being out there and then noticing that there was a problem was only about 20 minutes. That gives you an idea of how quickly something like that can get away. When you’ve got other combustible materials that are on the deck or say in a backyard area, those can catch fire very quick and it just kind of snowballs from there,” said Adam Saturley, Fire Investigator with Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services.

There were no injuries including a cat that was rescued by fire crews. Damage to the home was estimated around $750,000. Lethbridge Fire say the fire has been deemed accidental.

Angela Stewart

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