Lethbridge to begin street sweeping April 12

Lethbridge’s annual street sweeping program will begin April 12. This year’s campaign will start on the westside in Paradise Canyon and then head to the northside, followed by the southside of town.

Sand and debris picked up by street sweepers is stored and cleaned — later to be recycled. City officials explained why you may see less staff on the roads this year. 

“We have a significant budget reduction in our street sweeping program…approximately $280,000 is reduced. That’s 18 percent of our total budget,” says Lethbridge transportation manager, Darwin Juell

“However, we still plan on doing every residential neighbourhood with our Spring sweeping, we just might have a few less sweepers,” adds Juell.

 Due to COVID-19 protocols there won’t be tickets, paper door hanger reminders or windshield wiper notices handed out. 

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