Lethbridge Police Service warn of scammers around Christmas holidays

Lethbridge Police Service has sent out a warning about the potential of Christmas scams this holiday season. Officials at the LPS say they want to ensure that you know how to best protect yourself from fraud. A member with Lethbridge Police addresses some of the ways that people are being scammed.  

“The most obvious red flag is any unsolicited communication. So any type of communication where you were not asking for it, you were not expecting it. That’s the number one red flag, is that. And that’s how these fraudsters communicate with people. Like I said before, they don’t decide that they’re going to call me specifically. They’re using a technology to send out messages to multiple people, having no idea where they are, with just the hopes that one person will answer. That’s where they start building their rapport with you and eventually you part ways with your personal information or your money,” said Sgt. Kevin Talbot, Economic Crimes Unit, Lethbridge Police Service.

Talbot adds, safeguarding your mail is another way to prevent getting scammed.  

Angela Stewart

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