Lethbridge elementary school holds tipi celebration event for first time in two years

St. Patrick Fine Arts Elementary School held a tipi celebration for the students to learn all about indigenous culture and reflect on their families and values. The students were tasked with creating their own tipis with a story drawn on it. An official with the Holy Spirit Catholic School Division says he is happy to be able to share Blackfoot Culture with the students.

“I am just happy to have shared that energy that was brought forth by it and you know I love sharing our culture as well and definitely here in Lethbridge in regards to the current relationship building that has gone forward and I greatly appreciate the City of Lethbridge for pushing forward in that manner,” said Cory Fox, Community Member and Volunteer.

Meanwhile, a grade two student says she made her tipi specifically for her grandma.

“I have the sunset because my grandma really liked watching the sunset and she died. I have spring because when I drew this we were in spring and spring is one of my favourite seasons. I learned that there is a lot of different ways to say different words in Blackfoot and Indigenous people,” said Kate Mikilak, Grade 2 Student at St. Patrick Fine Arts Elementary School.

This was the first event back since the start of the pandemic.


Angela Stewart

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