Annual Kidney Walk takes place on Sunday in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat

This weekend the Kidney Foundation is hosting its annual Kidney Walk, an event to help raise awareness and support people fighting kidney disease. This is the 10th year the event has been taking place and it will be held virtually however walkers in both Lethbridge and Medicine Hat will be hitting the streets. An official with the Kidney Foundation says the walk is also an opportunity to raise funds and provide programs for those who may be suffering.

“Kidney Walk is one of the major events that support the Kidney Foundation and in that we, it’s an opportunity for the Kidney Foundation to support patients and their families with programs and services. It supports organ donation initiatives and various education programs as well. So that is huge for the Kidney Foundation. We’ve developed quite the great Kidney Walk community in Southern Alberta. When we come together we are stronger than kidney disease and no matter what format it takes, our community steps up and there’s really no limits to supporting our kidney and transplant community when they need it the most,” said Erin Birbeck, Community Relations Coordinator for the Kidney Foundation.

According to the Kidney Foundation, kidney disease can affect anyone at any age and about 46 per cent of new patients recently diagnosed are under the age of 65.

Angela Stewart

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