Lethbridge elementary school celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

The students at St. Patrick Fine Arts in Lethbridge took part in a number of activities today learning all about who St. Patrick was. On top of learning about the famous bishop, the students were able to make some crafts as part of their retreat day.  

“The kids are doing their retreat activities that they do every year and given the opportunity to really think about how they’re showing their commitment through action, through forgiveness, and through prayer. So things that we can all learn and live by. How can they serve God through their hands and the actions that they do. How can they just be kinder to themselves and to one another, anyone that crosses their paths. And then, of course, it’s just that quiet time in prayer, that time where you’re growing your own relationship with God. So the hope for them is that through those pieces of commitment, they are stronger for it and better able to just manage whatever comes their way and be more resilient,” said Kathy Jones-Husch, Principal, St. Patrick Fine Arts Elementary School. 

Jones-Husch says she hopes the students can walk away from today remembering the work that was done before them and the example that’s been set by St. Patrick.      

Angela Stewart

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