Lethbridge elects 4 new city councillors in 2021 municipal election

Following Monday’s civic election, the results remain unofficial, but Lethbridge will see four new, and four returning city councillors in council chambers. Although he has served on council as Lethbridge’s former mayor and city councillor, Rajko Dodic is back in council chambers after taking time off. Dodic came out on top with 7.32 per cent of the vote, winning him the top seat on council. 


“I want to thank my supporters and surely the citizens of Lethbridge for having put their trust in me and electing me to city council. So, I’m looking forward to soon getting to work and doing the business of the city,” says Dodic.


Jenn Schmidt-Rempel secured the third seat on council with 6.34 per cent of the vote. Schmidt-Rempel says she plans to bring her four-pillared platform to council including people, services, business and community. She says having the new council and mayor work collaboratively together is key for the city. 


“I think we all have the common goal of really wanting to connect and work together. You know, the last council, there’s discussion around how much divisiveness there was, I really think this council is going to work to put that behind us, and we’ll work together  to move forward and see what we can do that’s best for the residents of Lethbridge,” says Schmidt-Rempel. 


The new council is set to be sworn in on October 25, which includes former police chief John Middleton-Hope. He says his plan for the first council meeting is to listen to his new colleagues and create a well-rounded plan for the city. 


“Being the rookie, I think it would be prudent for me to listen to what the other councillors have to say, listen to what the mayor has to say, we’ll carve out a direction together and we’ll take it from there. If it happens to be one of the initiatives that I’m passionate about, all the better,” says Middleton-Hope.


With 4.8 per cent of the vote, Nick Paladino will sit in council chambers for the first time. Paladino says he is eager to get a start on making Lethbridge a better place to work, live, and play. 


“First thing we need to do is start working on addressing the social issues that we have downtown and throughout the city actually. I think we should continue to promote Lethbridge as a good place to set up business and invest in,” added Paladino. 


The official results are set to be released on Friday.

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