Lethbridge County talk grassfire season ahead

Fire officials with Lethbridge County are putting out a reminder to be cautious when burning fires as our strong winds can cause massive grassfires. We are also inching closer to those hot summer months and grassfires can happen quite often. Byron Fraser with Lethbridge County says they have seen a few fires in the county already because of the dry conditions.

“The fuels right now are from last year, right. So they’re last year’s grass, last year’s weeds, all that. So they’ve been dead for a longtime and no moisture left in them. So with the winds we have the fire we had last week. It was incredibly fast moving, right. There’s nothing, no moisture getting in its way because the fuels are very old, dry, and until we get nice green grass coming up, that’s kind of how it’s going to continue.”

In the last few weeks, Fraser says they have dealt with around 2 to 3 fires and around this time of year, fire causes are typically because of human error.   

Angela Stewart

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