City unveils new website

The City of Lethbridge has launched their new official online website as of Tuesday morning. Around 200 hundred thousand dollars was set aside to bring this initiative to fruition. Officials with the city say it’s much more user friendly and way easier to navigate than the original.   

“We’re looking at items that are mostly accessed, so we got to give a huge shout out to 311 and and how they’ve been able to help citizens get in touch with the services that they need and answers to their questions, but that’ll be integrated as well into the website so that those questions could be answered there as well. So, yeah, it’s just the ease of use, I think, and is what makes it easier to get around, for sure,” said Blaine Hyggen, Mayor of Lethbridge

“It’s a lot cleaner looking, it’s a lot simpler. Blaine touched on it. We went from 2,000 web pages down to just over 300, which is a huge change, so things are going to be easier to find. We were like six or seven clicks in some cases to find content before. We’re now down to three worst case. And the way things are organized are a lot more, a lot more streamlined now. So it was organized before by department or by how we worked as a city. It’s now organized by how residents find things,” said Wes Chapman, Communications Strategist, City of Lethbridge.

Chapman says the old website was pushing 20 years old and it was time for an upgrade. 


Angela Stewart

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