Lethbridge Corn and Sunflower maze officially open to public

A popular tourist attraction has opened once again. The Lethbridge Corn Maze has opened both the corn and sunflower mazes for families to enjoy until October. Both the corn and sunflowers are still growing but the owner says the mazes are ready for people to get lost in and so far, they have been getting great feedback.

“The tourist attraction has been going on for 22 years. When we started out, we had no clue what was going to happen and over the years we really have been growing but we also see this happening, people coming, they enjoying the place so we try to make it enjoyable for whoever comes, so it’s a great family outing. We get lots of positive comments,” said Theo Slingerland, Owner of the Lethbridge Corn Maze.

Another popular attraction at the maze is the goat snuggling sessions. Those will be coming to an end for the year. Slingerland says all the money from the sessions will be donated to the Lethbridge Foodbank. They’re hoping to raise around $1,000.


Angela Stewart

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