Lethbridge College recognize Truth and Reconciliation Week by unveiling new Iissksiniip Coulee Walk

In recognition of Truth and Reconciliation Week, Lethbridge College unveiled a new Iissksiniip (Coming to Know and Learn) Coulee Walk, where people can explore the coulees near the college while learning about the land we are on. 


Artist of the Iissksiniip Coulee Walk, William Singer III, says the walk is a self-guided tour that explores the traditional plants found in the area and their uses and shares some of the traditional creation stories of the Blackfoot Confederacy.


The group has been working on the walk for over two years. There are multiple signs along the path representing different elements of the Blackfoot and Metis culture.


The Iissksiniip Coulee Walk was in collaboration with the college and Blackfoot community. 


On Wednesday, the college is set to host Dr. Wilton Littlechild, a Cree chief, residential school survivor and lawyer who will talk about and recognize the importance of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

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