Lethbridge Liberal Party candidate joins new local non-profit organization to help fleeing Ukrainians

A new non-profit is getting off the ground here in the city to support those who have been affected by the war in Ukraine. Project Sunflower works closely with Ukrainians overseas to help them get visas and will help those find suitable housing once they have arrived in Canada. One of the board members for the organization is Lethbridge’s Devon Hargreaves who says it feels great to be a part of something so significant.

“I have always believed if you see something that needs to be done, step up and help do it. I was fortunate right away to be able to connect with Misha Pereverza who is currently the Chair of Project Sunflower. We met coordinating the rallies in support of Ukraine together and having family in Ukraine myself, it’s a very vital topic to me. My family at this time is not looking to leave, so lets keep doing what we can to assist here in anyway possible,” said Devon Hargreaves, Media Liaison for Project Sunflower.

Through the organization, Hargreaves says they hope to potentially put together some fundraising events to buy things like plane tickets for those fleeing Ukraine. 

Angela Stewart

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