Junior high students prepare for production of ‘High School Musical’

Students at St. Francis Junior High School have been working hard preparing for their upcoming production of High School Musical. The school’s production will be exactly like the Disney channel movie with the students playing all the characters. Director and teacher at the school Dino Caputo credits the staff for allowing them to use the gym and transform it into a theatrical extravaganza.  

“You know, what gym gives up their space for twelve days. But we collaborate and we work together. We come up with a plan. No one misses gym class. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the gym for a little while, but we get to use it as a theater space. And one thing that again I say all the time, is you’re coming to see, you’re not coming to see a junior high show, you’re coming to see a professional show put on by junior high kids,” said Dino Caputo, Director and Teacher, St. Francis Junior High School.

Emily Lane, who will be playing the role of Gabriella, says this will be the first production she’s ever been a part of and is excited for everyone to see it.  

“I’ve never been in a play before, and when I auditioned, I was really surprised when I got Gabriella. But it’s been really fun because it’s helped me get out of my comfort zone a little bit. I think I’m most excited to be on the stage because I’ve never been on the stage like this before and it’s really impressive set. And with all the lights and the microphones, I think it’ll feel really real close,” said Emily Lane, Student, St. Francis Junior High School.

Tickets for the production can be purchased directly through the school. 


Angela Stewart

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