Green Acres Foundation honours former employee through fundraiser

Green Acres Foundation is giving back to the community with their annual Beef on a Bun fundraiser. It’s been about 7 years that the foundation has been putting on this fundraiser. This year they are raising funds for the Sue Labhun Memorial Library at Westminster Elementary School. The group’s CEO says they are doing this fundraiser in honour of a former employee.  

“Sue Labhun used to work for us. And during her time with us, she used to always be so passionate about the importance of storytelling and how important reading is for youth. And she used to always think that if we can teach the youth to get immersed in a story in a good book, that’s going to help them for not only when they were little, but all the way through their life. So we just do it in her memory.”

Over $5,000 was raised last year, with the group hoping to raise the same, if not more this time around. 

Angela Stewart

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