Forty-fifth annual ‘Street Machine’ event begins Friday

The 45th annual Street Machine event will be taking place this weekend. Many will be gathered in our city during the three-day event checking out thousands of classic cars and a 100 ft drag race. Organizers say it’s an opportunity for car enthusiasts to really show off their projects.   

“This is a great time to bring them out. And with our events, we try to promote a very safe, exciting atmosphere for people who have never raced before. They can come out to the hunter footer. We’ll have experienced racers, teach them if they choose to. Even if you just want to come spectate, you can do that as well. We just want everybody to have as much fun and be as safe as possible.”

 Meanwhile, Lethbridge Police say they are going to see an increased volume of traffic over the weekend up and down Mayor Magrath Drive South. They are reminding people to stay safe and abide by the rules of the road this weekend.  

“So last year, similar to this year, we’ll have increased police presence as well in that area, focusing on driving habits and making sure those people are safe. Last year, I think we issued just over 100 violation tickets. I believe we towed two sorry, three vehicles and charged somebody charged one person with impaired driving.”

The Street Wheelers ‘Street Machine’ event runs Friday through Sunday at Exhibition Grounds and at Galt Gardens.  

Angela Stewart

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