Extreme Temperature Response Protocol activated by city following heat warning

Environment Canada issued a heat warning for much of Southwestern Alberta. The city of Lethbridge is now moving ahead with their Extreme Temperature Response Protocol. Officials say when heat waves kick in, the risk for heat-related illness is more likely and can also cause long term draw on the power grid with all of the AC units running. Our city’s Emergency Planning and Risk Supervisor, Luke Palmer, says there are some resources available to help you beat the heat.  

“In our level two, it means we’re actually taking action. Things are activated. It’s not pre planning at this point. We do have comfort centers that will be available through the city. Now, these are facilities that operate during normal operating hours for people to get out of the elements. The mall could be one. We’ve got our park and ride locations, libraries and other options available to the community. In addition to that, we’ll be promoting information for everybody to be aware of the risks. We know it’s important that people avoid peak times outside between ten and noon. But it’s also really important to understand that your indoor temperature will peak far later than the outdoor temperatures.”

If you are going to be out in the heat, make sure to drink lots of water, wear loose fitting clothing, and take breaks periodically.

Angela Stewart

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