Dry conditions contributing to low crop yields

This year’s dry conditions have been difficult in terms of crop yields for many southern Alberta farmers. David Bishop Director of Alberta Grains says crop yields are very low. He says they are about a quarter to half below normal. Bishop says the dry conditions not only affect crop farmers but also cattle ranchers.   

“There are no pasture, very little pasture. So they’re having to downsize the herd and so forth. So it’s more than just the grain side of it’s. Basically all of agriculture in southern part of the province. Agriculture is a pretty big economic driver in Alberta, and as a producer, we like to upgrade equipment, expand and so forth. In the last few years, with our crops being under performing because of dry weather, it’s a hurt on all of the economy in southern Alberta also. So it affects more than just farmers. It affects basically the economy of the province.”

Stats Canada says at the end of August, 59 per cent of the country was classified as abnormally dry.   

Angela Stewart

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